Under management of NPO Energy Electronics

Highly reliabile AC/DC secondary power supplies for various applications.

In accordance with the decision to double the production KW Systems LLC is responsible for manufacturing both own and AEDON's developments.

MAA series

Multichannel low-profile AC/DC converters.  These converters are distinguished by the ability to operate in extreme conditions (-50°C...+85°C, increased humidity, extensive vibrations).

KAN series

Reliable universal AC/DC converters, designed to replace foreign analogues. They are able to operate at -40ºC and in high humidity. These units have high efficiency (up to 94%) and EMC (Class B, EN55022 (CISPR22))

KAN-D series

AC/DC-converters for DIN-rail mounting.  Convection cooling for all models of the series.  Able to operate under high humidity and at -55°C! These units have high efficiency rate (up to 90%) and EMC (Class B, EN55022 (CISPR22))          

KAD series

Compact filter-rectifier designed for straightening single-phase AC voltage, as well as for the protection of the connected load from input surge and for filtering conductive interference emitted by the load into the input network.    

KAP series

Flexible, scalable, controllable platform of high power (5-30 kW). Depending on the task it can result is a variety of turnkey solutions — from AC/DC converter to the UPS or battery charger. Single-phase / three-phase, rack 19", diverse functionality and choice of output parameters. 

KKM series (power factor corrector)

Miniature dimensions and low profile of the power factor corrector allow to integrate it in the compact power systems and combine it with isolated DC/DC converter to make a unique extra low profile AC/DC converter with case operating temperature range -60°C...+125°C.    

In order to optimize the activities of the enterprise, reduce delivery time and improve the quality of research and development projects starting from November 1, 2015, KW Systems LLC is specialized in development and manufacture of AC/DC-converters, including customized solutions. Development and production of DC/DC converters within NPO Energy Electronics is the responsibility of AEDON, LLC.

We tried to make the conversion influence our customers as less as possible. So your orders will be accepted and controlled by our sales managers of the joined sales department regardless of the type of the product.

We are confident that you will duly appreciate the positive side of such organizational and technological changes and will understand some temporary inconveniences which may arise at the organizational stage of all processes.

For the complete list of products please refer to www.aedon.ru. Below you will find specific products that are currently manufactured by KW Systems, LLC.

Various custom tailored solutions for specific tasks. Products are made in accordance to customer's requirements specifications and take the account of specific features of operation and configuration of the final product.

Power supply system designed in accordance to individual design and circuit requirements, made as an encapsulated or open-frame one-piece product.

Such solution can be based both on serial products or customized developments, and may be added with the necessary service functions: power good signal, protections, control, cooling.