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Mining industry

There is a reason why this specific industry imposes very strict requirements to the equipment. A wide range of environmental factors (heat and sand of the desert, Arctic cold, damp marshes, transportation in off-road conditions),  vibration, shock, low or high air pressure, and more, all of this the devices created for exploration and mining must withstand.

Low maintenance, reliability and compact size are not the least important factors that customers consider when selecting suitable solutions that best meet the needs of mining industry. Over 15 years solutions offered by KW Systems have been used by Russian defense companies, who impose same strict requirements. This allows us to supply our products successfully to various mining factories.


MAA series

Multichannel low-profile AC/DC converters.  These converters are distinguished by the ability to operate in extreme conditions (-50°C...+85°C, increased humidity, extensive vibrations).

KAD series

Compact filter-rectifier designed for straightening single-phase AC voltage, as well as for the protection of the connected load from input surge and for filtering conductive interference emitted by the load into the input network.    

KKM series (power factor corrector)

Miniature dimensions and low profile of the power factor corrector allow to integrate it in the compact power systems and combine it with isolated DC/DC converter to make a unique extra low profile AC/DC converter with case operating temperature range -60°C...+125°C.