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AC/DC converters and backup power supply systems with standard  specifications designed for video surveillance, access control, alarm,  and fire detection systems as well as all components of security systems uninterruptedly operating 24/7    

MAA / KWant

Single-channel low-profile AC/DC converters.  These converters are distinguished by the ability to operate in extreme conditions (-50°C...+85°C, increased humidity, extensive vibrations).


Reliable universal AC/DC converters, designed to replace foreign analogues. They are able to operate at -40ºC and in high humidity. These units have high efficiency (90-95%) and EMC (Class B, EN55022 (CISPR22))


AC/DC din rail mount power supply. Convection cooling for all models of the series. Able to operate under high humidity and at - 50°C! These units have high efficiency rate (92-94%) and EMC (Class B, EN55022 (CISPR22)).

KWasar / KWark

Flexible, scalable, controllable platform of high power (10-30 kW). Depending on the task it can result is a variety of turnkey solutions — from AC/DC converter to the UPS or battery charger. 

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