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Development and production of power supply systems
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About company

KW Systems, LLC

KW Systems is a new division of NPO Energy Electronics (formerly Alexander Electric Group)

Our field of activity is design and manufacture of industrial power electronics. Our developments are based on long-term experience in production of secondary power sources for critical applications.

The company has its own design bureau and production facilities; most of the staff has serious experience in the field of power electronics.

Modern progressive company offering revolutionary ideas in power electronics having serious experience and scientific expertise.

We offer modern technological and cost-effective solutions for power supply systems in critical applications. Our customers include communication companies, railways, large industrial enterprises, etc.

We own the production technologies that enable flexible approach and efficient resolution of any task. Partners worldwide help us implement the wishes quickly and cost-effectively. We value our and your time and do not ask to many questions. We do what you really need.

Research and Development

Various custom tailored solutions for specific tasks. Products are made in accordance to customer's requirements specifications and take the account of specific features of operation and configuration of the final product.

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We apply the highest requirements to our representatives. To start cooperation please contact our global operations unit.

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