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AC/DC converters

KWadr Series (AC/DC converters)

Reliable universal AC/DC converters, designed to replace foreign analogues. They are able to operate at - 40ºC and in high humidity. These units have high efficiency (90-95%) and EMC (Class B, EN55022 (CISPR22)).

All units are equipped with built-in active PFC, ensuring the most effective use of the input network. 

Can be used in:
  • Oil-and-gas industry
  • Telecommunication
  • Mining industry
  • Industrial power engineering and automation
  • Security
  • Special application
  • High-power battery charges


Title Datasheet Power Dimensions Input range Output voltage Efficiency
KWadr5000 5000 W
140x475x63 mm
220(90...280) VAC
30 VDC
60 VDC
110 VDC
250 VDC
300 VDC
350 VDC
KWadr5000T 5000 W
140x475x63 mm
180x475x63 mm
380(350...450) VAC
30 VDC
60 VDC
110 VDC
140 VDC
250 VDC
300 VDC
350 VDC

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