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AC/DC converters

KWasar / KWark Series (AC/DC converters)

Flexible, scalable, controllable platform of high power (10 - 30 kW). Depending on the task it can result is a variety of turnkey solutions — from AC/DC converter to the UPS or battery charger. Single-phase / three-phase, rack 19", diverse functionality and choice of output parameters.

Like the majority of our products these units can be operated in a wide temperature range ( -20ºC... +50°C), have a rich selection of available settings (current or voltage stabilization, output current adjustment up to  0-500 A ), high efficiency and power factor with active corrector. They are able to be used in parallel mode in three- and single-phase input networks. 
Scaling and back-up solutions based on these units ensure high reliability of a system.  
Can be used in:
  • Oil-and-gas industry
  • Telecommunication
  • Mining industry
  • Industrial power engineering and automation
  • Security
  • Special application


Title Datasheet Power Dimensions Input range Output voltage Efficiency
KWasar15 15000 W
483x566x133 mm
220(90...280) VAC
380(323...418) VAC
30 VDC Under Development
60 VDC Under Development
110 VDC Under Development
140 VDC Under Development
250 VDC Under Development
250 VDC
300 VDC Under Development
300 VDC
350 VDC Under Development
KWasar10 10000 W
483x566x133 mm
220(90...280) VAC
380(323...418) VAC
30 VDC Under development
60 VDC Under development
110 VDC Under development
140 VDC Under development
250 VDC Under development
300 VDC Under development
350 VDC Under development
KWark4000 4000 W
483x626x133 mm
220(187...242) VAC
24 VDC Under Development

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