Under management of NPO Energy Electronics


We love our customers, we want to be useful to them and ready to resolve unusual tasks. We do not earn with services and most R&D works are free of charge to our customers. If you have a question, idea or suggestion, please contact us for help.

Research and development

R&D by your requirements specification

We are ready to join your development team at any stage of work and to be fully or partially responsible for design of power supply systems. We have professional staff and reach experience in development and production of power supply units and other power components.


Consulting on improvement of power supply systems

Our engineers will assist your factory across improvement of power supply systems, select analogues of the components you use, recommend best operation modes, tell about application areas and new offers of the market. We are ready to share our experience!

Technical support

We will select best solution, advise implementation plan or simply answer your questions. Please contact us, this is free of charge.