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KAP series

Flexible, scalable, controllable platform of high power (5-30 kW). Depending on the task it can result is a variety of turnkey solutions — from AC/DC converter to the UPS or battery charger. Single-phase / three-phase, rack 19", diverse functionality and choice of output parameters.

Like the majority of our products these units can be operated in a wide temperature range ( -20ºC... +50°C), have a rich selection of available settings (current or voltage stabilization, 0-100% adjustment of the output current), high efficiency and power factor with active corrector. They are able to be used in parallel mode in three- and single-phase input networks. 
Scaling and back-up solutions based on these units ensure high reliability of a system.  
Oil-and-gas industry
Nuclear power
Industrial power engineering and automation




Power up to 15 kW, voltage input ~ 323 ... 418 V (3-phase network with neutral conductor), efficiency up to 94%, output voltage up to 300 V, output current up to 625 A