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AC/DC converters

Laptop AC/DC power supply Series (AC/DC converters)

Laptop mil-grade power supplies. KAM power supplies can operate in harsh environment (-50°С...+85 °С, vibration, shocks).
  • Made in Russia
  • Low ripple and noise
  • IP54
  • MIL-STD461, MIL-STD810
  • Rated power 75W up to 150W

  • Models

    Title Datasheet Power Dimensions Input range Output voltage Efficiency
    KAM100 100 W
    115x64x29 mm
    220(187...264) VAC
    19 VDC Under development
    KAM150 150 W
    140x100x77 mm
    220(187...264) VAC
    19 VDC Under development

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