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Converters and power supply systems optimized for the needs of telecommunication companies.

High electromagnetic compatibility, standard outputs 12, 24 and 48 V with a wide range of single-phase and three-phase input voltage for use both indoors and outdoors at ambient temperature -50 C to + 85 C.       


Single-channel low-profile AC/DC converters.  These converters are distinguished by the ability to operate in extreme conditions (-50°C...+85°C, increased humidity, extensive vibrations).


Reliable universal AC/DC converters, designed to replace foreign analogues. They are able to operate at -40ºC and in high humidity. These units have high efficiency (90-95%) and EMC (Class B, EN55022 (CISPR22))


AC/DC-converters for DIN-rail mounting.  Convection cooling for all models of the series.  Able to operate under high humidity and at -55°C! These units have high efficiency rate (92-94%) and EMC (Class B, EN55022 (CISPR22))

KWasar / KWark

Flexible, scalable, controllable platform of high power (10-30 kW). Depending on the task it can result is a variety of turnkey solutions — from AC/DC converter to the UPS or battery charger. Single-phase / three-phase, rack 19", diverse functionality and choice of output parameters.

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