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MAA Series


Output voltage
MAA60 power supply units for industrial and special-purpose equipment. Having compact size (111 x 61 x 23.5 mm) the maximum power output of these units goes up to 60 W.

They are able to operate under a wide case operating temperature range (-50°C...+85°C).  Units have one isolated output channel, full range of protections (over-current, short-circuit, overheating), can be used in parallel and series mode.

Polymer sealing potting ensures reliable protection against external factors and excludes damage to the transformer caused by vibration or contamination by dirt, moisture or salt mist.

Enclosure of the units has u-shaped aluminum base. The PCB of the unit is protected from mechanical and climatic load by a thin-walled steel cover.


Heatsinks for MAA units

Ribbed aluminum heatsinks of RO series.    

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